"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

"Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves."

"We don't need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it."

"Remember that in giving any reason at all for refusing, you lay some foundation for a future request."

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

"The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple."

“The simplest things are often the truest.”

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

“Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.”

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”

“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.”

“Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art. They seem to be the purpose of God for his whole creation.”

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth”

“Simplicity is indeed often the sign of truth and a criterion of beauty.”

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.”

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity”

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."

"A refined simplicity is the characteristic of all high bred deportment, in every country, and a considerate humanity should be the aim of all beneath it."

"The happiest heart that ever beat Was in some quiet breast That found the common daylight sweet, And left to Heaven the rest. "
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